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Meet LaRae of Balanced Body-Art

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About LaRae

Massage Therapist

Feng Shui Consultant & Artist

LaRae has more than 32+ years experience as a certified body worker; 19+ years as a Feng Shui Consultant; 8+ years as an Etsy Vendor and brings an extensive range of bodywork techniques and modalities to her work.  LaRae's special focus is working with the body to improve its underlying structure, facilitate noticeable change and diminish pain.  She has been a member of ABMP (Associated Bodyworker and Massage Professionals) since 1992 and started her career working for the Aveda Spa in Osceola in 1990.LaRae has 19+ years of Feng Shui experience, is a certified Feng Shui Consultant; graduated from The Wind and Water School of Feng Shui in 2006.  Her consultations match empowering solutions to the client's personality, lifestyle and goals.  Adjustments use an integrative approach combining compassion and down-to-earth recommendations.

Why a massage therapist and Feng Shui Consultant and artist?

While bodywork looks at energy and its blockages; Feng Shui looks at energy and its blockages in one's environment.  Shortly after graduating, I discovered a dilemma.  Many Westerners shy away from making traditional feng shui changes because they don't relate to the cure/adjustment - an example being Chinese coins and bamboo flutes.  So I created and designed a line of products that use feng shui principles, but also fit into modern Western homes without someone walking in and saying, "Oh, you've made a feng shui adjustment."  The criteria for my products were they needed to be uniquely designed (not something manufactured on an assembly line); green (for the most part); use natural resources without destroying the ecological balance (sustainable); use nature's constructive cycle (The 5 Element Theory); be beautiful and yet have intention; and help connect people back to the Earth.

Check out my Etsy shops below!


Transcending Art

The Feng Shui Advantage... Where Art and Feng Shui Meet


Designs For Those With A Discerning Eye

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